Model Dinamik sebagai Upaya Pencapaian Sinkronisasi Nitrogen pada Budidaya Selada dengan Pupuk Hijau Paitan

Yuni Agung Nugroho, Elik Murni Ningtyas Ningsih


Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is vegetable crop that consumed part of the leaf and harvested at a phase of vegetative. Nitrogen play important role in growth at phase of vegetative. Nitrogen in spacious have the character of easy to lose because of leaching. Increasing yield of lettuce can be done by
improving Nitrogen synchronization, that is precisely usage moment with ready moment of N during and amount of its. The research was aimed to study of the pattern nitrogen requirement for lettuce crop, ready pattern of nitrogen by Tithonia diversifolia and design nitrogen synchronization model between lettuce crop with green manure of T. diversifolia. The research were divided in two phases that are phase research 1: Dynamic modeling for nitrogen synchronization on lettuce cultivation by green manure of T. diversifolia, and phase research 2: Fertilizer technology of high nitrogen synchronization on lettuce cultivation by green manure of T. diversifolia. The result of phase research 1 (first year research) shows that dynamic model of N requirement by lettuce crop, release and availability model of N by T. diversifolia and synchronization model of N between requirement of N lettuce with release and availability of N by T. diversifolia. The dynamic model indicate that giving 10 t ha-1 of T. diversifolia which given 2 weeks before transplanting at lettuce crop can support high result and growth because happened good synchronization of N.


Model; dynamic; synchronization; nitrogen; Thitonia

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