Vol 19, No 2

May 2014

Table of Contents


The Status of Micronutrients and Sulphur in some Plantation Crops at Different Ages in an Alfisol of Southern Nigeria PDF
Joseph Sunday Ogeh, Rotimi Rufus Ipinmoroti 53-58
Application of Lime and Adaptable Variety to Increase Tomato Productivity at Potential Acid Sulphate Soil PDF
. Koesrini, Eddy William, Dedi Nursyamsi 59-66
Influence of Height Waterlogging on Soil Physical Properties of Potential and Actual Acid Sulphate Soils PDF
Arifin Fahmi, Ani Susilawati, Ahmad Rachman 67-73
Soil Nutrient Dynamics under Old and Young Cocoa, Coffee and Cashew Plantations at Uhonmora, Edo State, Nigeria PDF
Rotimi Rufus Ipinmoroti, Joseph Sunday Ogeh 75-80
Estimation of the Potential Carbon Emission from Acrotelmic and Catotelmic Peats PDF
Siti Nurzakiah, Supiandi Sabiham, Budi Nugroho, Dedi Nursyamsi 81-89
Evaluation of Primary Macro Nutrients on Arboretum Area in Lampung University Campus, Gedong Meneng PDF
Nur Afni Afrianti, Tamaluddin Syam 91-97
Improvement of Suboptimal Land Productivity Approach by Land and Plant Management PDF
Marthen Pasang Sirappa, Max Leovold Jhon Titahena 99-109

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Print ISSN 0852-257X, Online ISSN 2086-6682