Vol 14, No 3

September 2009

Table of Contents

The effect of Oxalic Acid, Na+, NH4+, and Fe3+ on Release of Fixed Potassium and Basal Distance of Smectite in Smectitic Soils PDF
Dedi Nursyamsi
Use of Plant Derived Ash as Potassium Fertilizer and Its Effects on Soil Nutrient Status and Cocoa Growth PDF
John Bako Baon
The Use of Ameliorant Fe3+ and Rock Phosphates in Peat Soil at Several Water Condition on the P Content of Plants Rice and Carbon Emission PDF
. Nelvia
Correlation between Soil Test Phosphorus of Kaolinitic and Smectitic Soils with Phosphorus Uptake of Lowland Rice PDF
Mohammad Masjkur
Pengaruh Kombinasi NPK dan Pupuk Kandang terhadap Sifat Tanah dan Pertumbuhan serta Produksi Tanaman Caisim PDF
. Sarno
The Rule of Organic Fertilizer on Fertilizer Efficiency and Requirement Rate for Vegetable Crop on Inceptisols Ciherang, Bogor PDF
Ladiyani Retno Widowati
The effect of NPK Compound (6:16:7) on Chemical Soil Properties of Thapic Epiaquands and Cucumber Yield PDF
. Sukristiyonubowo, Ibrahim Adamy Sipahutar, Ishak Achmad
Cellulolitic Activities of Actinomycetes Isolated From Soil Rhizosphere of Waigeo, Raja Ampat, West Papua PDF
Arif Nurkanto
Secretion of Organic Acids by Phosphate Solubilizing Bacteria Isolated from Oxisols PDF
Irfan Dwidya Prijambada, Jaka Widada, Siti Kabirun, Donny Widianto
Existing of Vesicular Arbuscular Mycorrhizal on The Corn Field Subjected by Long-term Organic and Inorganic Fertilizers PDF
Sri Yusnaini
The Effectiveness of AMF Inoculum to Enhance the Potency of Papuan Crandallite Phosphate Rock and the Growth of Cocoa Seedling PDF
Antonius Suparno


Print ISSN 0852-257X, Online ISSN 2086-6682