Vol 13, No 2

May 2008

Table of Contents

Releasing Pattern of Applied Phosphorus and Distribution Change of Phosphorus Fractions in the Acid Upland Soils with Successive Resin Extraction PDF
Arief Hartono
Phosphorus Fertilizer Recommendation for Maize in Inceptisols with Soil Testing Approach PDF
. Syafruddin
Local Rice Cultivars Grown on Tidal Swampland Near Coastal Area in South Kalimantan PDF
Erry Purnomo, Muhammad Lestio Setiawan, Nurmili Yuliani, Ery Atmaja, Muhammad Wahyuni, Ahmad Rizali Saidy, Mitsuru Osaki
Relationship between Depth of Soil Moisture Assessment and Turgidity of Coffee Plant in Selected Agroclimates PDF
Rudy Erwiyono, Aris Wibawa
Phosphate Solubilizing Microorganism and Available P on the Rhizosphere of Some Ages and Distances from the Center of Maize Roots PDF
Ainin Niswati, Sri Yusnaini, Mas Achmad Syamsul Arif
The Changes of Earthworm Population and Chemical Properties of Tropical Soils under Different Land Use Systems PDF
Sri Yusnaini, Ainin Niswati, Mas Achmad Syamsul Arif, Masanori Nonaka
Klasifikasi Bentuk Wilayah yang Diturunkan dari Digital Elevation Models: Kasus DAS Citarum, Sub DAS Cilalawi, Jawa Barat PDF
. Salwati, Busyra Buyung Saidi
Land Capability Evaluation of Upper Sekampung Watersheds PDF
Irwan Sukri Banuwa, Naik Sinukaban, Suria Darma Tarigan, Dudung Darusman
Reformulation of Crop and Management Factor in ANSWERS Model PDF
Yayat Hidayat, Naik Sinukaban, Hidayat Pawitan, Kukuh Murtilaksono
The Study of Abundance of Soil Minerals on Micro Toposequen of Karst Gunungsewu Pegunungan Selatan PDF
Djoko Mulyanto


Print ISSN 0852-257X, Online ISSN 2086-6682