Vol 15, No 2

May 2010

Table of Contents

Root-induced Changes in the Rhizosphere of Extreme High Yield Tropical Rice: 1. Soil Chemical Properties PDF
Erry Purnomo, Maman Turjaman, Anna Hairani, Athaillah Mursyid, Dodik Choiron, Raina Yulia, Mitsuru Osaki
Variable Charge of Ultisols due to Phosphate Application and Incubation Time PDF
Muhammad Mahbub
Changes in Some Soil Chemical Properties of Ultisol Applied by Mulch from Empty Fruit Bunches in an Oil Palm Plantation PDF
Dedik Budianta, Ali Yasmin Adam Wiralaga, Wahana Lestari
Nutrient Balance at Integrated Nutrient Management on Lowland Rice Which is Dominated by 1:1 Clay Mineral for High Potential Rice Yields PDF
Antonius Kasno
Recommendation of Phosphate and Potassium Fertilizers for Maize at Five Locations in Lampung PDF
Junita Barus, Andarias Makka Murni
Effect of Bio-phosphate on Increasing the Phosphorus Availability, the Growth and the Yield of Lowland Rice in Ultisol PDF
. Yafizham, Muslim Abubakar
Effects of Green Manure and Clay on the Soil Characteristics, Growth and Yield of Peanut at the Coastal Sandy Soil PDF
. Muchtar, Yoyo Soelaeman
Soil Erosion Prediction Using GIS and RUSLE: Study at Sampean Watershed PDF
Arif Faisol, . Indarto
Spatial Variability of Soil Nutrients Content Related to Rice Yield PDF
Tamaluddin Syam
Land Suitability Criteria for Intensively Managed Cavendish Banana Crop in Way Kambas East Lampung, Indonesia PDF
. Ansyori, . Sudarsono, Roedhy Poerwanto, . Darmawan
Land Suitability and Purposed Land Use of Selaru Island, West-Southeast Moluccas Regency PDF
Marthen Pasang Sirappa, Edwin Donald Waas, Andriko Noto Susanto
Selected Physical Properties of Andisols under Different Land Use Condition in Gunung Kerinci Subdistrict, Jambi PDF
. Endriani

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