Population and Distribution of Some Soil MesoFauna in the Inactive Tailing Deposition Areas of Freeport Indonesia, Timika-Papua

Irnanda Aiko Fifi Djuuna


Soil fauna has played an important role in ecosystem functioning, especially as ecosystem engineers which contribute to soil fertility in tropical environment.  A tailing deposition area is  one habitat that has several types of soil fauna to live and growth as well as involves in the decomposition of organic matter. The objective of this study was to examine the number and distribution of soil fauna in the tailing area of Freeport Indonesia Mining and Gold Company, Timika.  The study was located in some inactive tailing deposition areas in between Double Levee  of the lowland area of ModADA (Modification Ajkwa Deposition Areas).  Samples were taken from inactive tailing as 198 of ModADA for soil and soil fauna, the Kuadran Method was used  to collecting soil fauna on the soil surface and in the soil.  There were 17 types/ordo of soil fauna in the study area and the highest number was a group of ants (Hymenoptera/Formicidae).  Population density (PD) and relative density (RD) of soil fauna (Formicidae) ranged from 0.03-2.41 Individu m-2 (PD) and 0.07-6.50% (RD).  Both PD and RD were likely to increase as the number of soil fauna increase.  The distribution of most soil fauna were found as a clump, while Pulmonata (Gastropods) were distributed normally in the tailing areas.  The number and types (ordo) of these soil fauna had showed that inactive tailing deposition areas were considered a good habitat for soil fauna.

Key words: Distribution, population, soil fauna, tailing

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Distribution; population; soil fauna; tailing

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