Digital Analyses of Landsat ETM+ for Identify Agroforestry System in Riau

Besri Nasrul, . Idwar


The objectives were to identify land characteristics of agroforestry system that influencing its benefit value, and to compile criteria of site specific. Location were identified by the Landsat 7 ETM+ that designed in the landuse utilization type: rubber agroforestry is identified by cyan old (RGB pixel 143,37; 173,04; 96,03) and palm oil agroforestry is identified by varying bright green-green (red-green-blue pixel 33-145; 142-253; 46-139). In each the landuse utilization type done by measurement of land characteristics, cost the inputs, and price the benefits. The maximum likelihood classification system is used for classification; the benefit value were calculated by benefit-cost ratio; the suitability criteria of site spesific were compiled by cluster analysis. The economic suitability criteria of rubber are: I (4,18-3,94); II (3,94-3,15); III (3,15-2,73); IV (2,73-2,31), the economic suitability criteria of palm oil are: I (3,30-2,72); II (2,72-2,07); III (2,07-1,38); IV (1,38-1,18), and would be base saturation, exchangeable Ca, and Mg. These criteria can be used to evaluate of suitability for the agroforestry system rubber and palm oil in Riau.


Agroforestry system; landsat; land characteristics; land evaluation

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