Dynamic of Saline Soil Cations after NaCl Application on Rice Growth and Yields

Wanti Mindari, Wuwut Guntoro, Zaenal Kusuma, . Syekhfani


Saline soil cation dynamic is determined by the proportion of salt cations dissolved either acidic or alkaline.  Common base cations in saline soil are in the proportion of  Na >  Ca >  Mg >  K.  They affects the availability of water,  nutrients, and plant growth.  The six level of  NaCl  were 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, and  75 mM  and  two  types of  soil  (saline and non saline) from Gununganyar and Mojokerto were evaluated  to soil sample cations taken from  depth of  0-5, 5-10, 10-15, and 15-20 cm. Rice growth and yields were measured. The experiment indicated  that increasing doses of NaCl increased the soil Na after rice harvest and decreased K, Ca and Mg contents, both of non-saline and saline soil, decreased of rice growth and yield (straw, grain, number of tiller).  NaCl up to 30 mM  caused highest Ca:Mg ratio, about 8, suppressed nutrient available, inhibited root growth and reduced nutrient uptake.

Keywords:  Cation dynamic,  NaCl,  rice yield , saline soil

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Cation dynamic; NaCl; rice yield; saline soil

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