Vol 19, No 1

January 2014

Table of Contents


Phosphorus Fertilization Under Different Land Preparation Methods and Performance of Groundnut (Arachis hypogea L.) in Rainforest Zone of Southern Nigeria PDF
Joseph Sunday Ogeh, Rukeme Orakpogbake Oyibo 1-7
Influence of SP-36 and Phosphate Rock on Changes in Soil Available P, Leaf P Content, and Growth of Physic Nut (Jatropha curcas L.) in an Ultisol PDF
Achmad Arivin Rivaie 9-15
Effect Application of Sea Sand, Coconut and Banana Coir on the Growth and Yield of Rice Planted at Ustic Endoaquert Soil PDF
. Nurdin 17-24
Efficiency Test of IRRI Fertilizing Recommendations on Rainfed Low Land Rice Field in West Kalimantan PDF
Muhammad Hatta, Mahyuddin Syam, Dwi Purnamawati Widiastuti 25-33
Use of Ameliorants to Increase Growth and Yield of Maize (Zea mays L.) in Peat Soils of West Kalimantan PDF
Denah Suswati, Bambang Hendro Sunarminto, Dja’far Shiddieq, Didik Indradewa 35-41
Potency of Agroindustrial Wastewaters for Increasing Dissolution of Phosphate Rock Fertilizers PDF
Ainin Niswati, Sri Yusnaini, . Sarno 43-51
Identification and Evaluation of Potential Land Resources to Support the Development of Agricultural Commodities for Food Crops Zone PDF
Nurdiyanto Agung Prasetya, . Hikmatullah, . Asisah, Muhamad Buce Saleh, Suria Darma Tarigan 53-61

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Print ISSN 0852-257X, Online ISSN 2086-6682