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Vol 14, No 1: January 2009 +, dan Fe3+ terhadap Ketersediaan K Jerapan dan Pengaruh Na+, NH4+ pada Tanah-tanah yang Didominasi Mineral Liat Smektit Abstract   PDF
Dedi Nursyamsi, Komaruddin Idris, Supiandi Sabiham, Djunaedi Abdul Rachim, Agus Sofyan
Vol 18, No 3: September 2013 3D Agro-ecological Land Use Planning Using Surfer Tool for Sustainable Land Management in Sumani Watershed, West Sumatra Indonesia Abstract   PDF
. Aflizar, Alarima Cornelius Idowu, Roni Afrizal, . Jamaluddin, . Husnain, Tsugiyuki Masunaga, Edi Syafri, . Muzakir
Vol 22, No 1: January 2017 Activity of Soil Microorganisms During the Growth of Sweet Corn (Zea Mays Saccharata Sturt) in the Second Planting Time with the Application of Fertilizers and Biochar Abstract   PDF
. Dermiyati, Agus Karyanto, Ainin Niswati, Jamalam Lumban Raja, Sugeng Triyono, Nyang Vania Ayuningtyas Harini
Vol 17, No 2: May 2012 Adding Organic Matter Enhanced the Effectiveness of Silicate Rock Fertilizer for Food Crops Grown on Nutritionally Disorder Soils: A Glasshouse Assessment Abstract   PDF
Joko Priyono, Zaenal Arifin
Vol 22, No 2: May 2017 Allelopathic Inhibition of Nitrifying Bacteria by Legumes Abstract   PDF
Uum Umiyati
Vol 15, No 1: January 2010 Aluminum Detoxification by Humic Substance Extracted from Compost of Organic Wastes Abstract   PDF
Sugeng Winarso, Eko Handayanto, Abdullah Taufiq
Vol 16, No 3: September 2011 Aluminum Exchangeable and Phosphorous Availability on Ultisol Using Humic Substance and Synthetic Organic Acid Abstract   PDF
Sugeng Winarso, Abdullah Taufiq
Vol 18, No 1: January 2013 Ameliorant Application on Variation of Carbon Stock and Ash Content on Peatland South Kalimantan Abstract   PDF
Siti Nurzakiah, Fahmuddin Agus, Haris Syahbuddin
Vol 13, No 1: January 2008 Andisols from Tondano Area, North Sulawesi: Properties and Classification Abstract   PDF
. Hikmatullah
Vol 17, No 2: May 2012 Application of Bokashi Botom Ash for Increasing Upland Rice Yield and Decreasing Grain Pb Content in Vitric Hapludans Abstract   PDF
Nunung Sondari, Ervina Siti Nurkhalidah
Vol 19, No 2: May 2014 Application of Lime and Adaptable Variety to Increase Tomato Productivity at Potential Acid Sulphate Soil Abstract   PDF
. Koesrini, Eddy William, Dedi Nursyamsi
Vol 17, No 2: May 2012 Application of Organic Fertilizer Tithonia Plus to Control Iron Toxicity and Reduce Commercial Fertilizer Application on New Paddy Field Abstract   PDF
Nurhajati Hakim, Agustian ., Yanti Mala
Vol 20, No 3: September 2015 Application of Organonitrofos and Inorganic Fertilizer on Cassava (Manihot Esculenta Crantz) in Ultisol Soil Abstract   PDF
. Dermiyati, Jamalam Lumbanraja, Irwan Sukri Banuwa, Sugeng Triyono, Oktarina Maulida, Debby Agsari
Vol 17, No 2: May 2012 Application of Rice Straw and Tithonia for Increasing Fertilizer Use Efficiency on Paddy Soil Abstract   PDF
. Gusnidar, Syafrimen Yasin, . Burbey, . Yulnafatmawita, Sulaiman Saleh, Rantau Andhika
Vol 17, No 1: January 2012 Application of Rice Straw Compost with Different Bioactivators on the Growth and Yield of Rice Plant Abstract   PDF
Yunita Barus
Vol 20, No 1: January 2015 Ascertainment of K Nutrient Availability Class for Maize by Several Methods Abstract   PDF
Marthen Pasang Sirappa, Peter Tandisau
Vol 15, No 1: January 2010 Assessing Biodegradation Susceptibilities of Selected Petroleum Hydrocarbons at Contaminated Soils Abstract   PDF
Markus Heryanto Langsa
Vol 18, No 1: January 2013 Assessment Erosion 3D Hazard with USLE and Surfer Tool: A Case Study of Sumani Watershed in West Sumatra Indonesia Abstract   PDF
. Aflizar, Roni Afrizal, Tsugiyuki Masunaga
Vol 19, No 3: September 2014 Assessment of Indigenous N, P and K Supply for Rice Site Specific Nutrient Management in Buru Regency Abstract   PDF
Andriko Noto Susanto, Marthen Pasang Sirappa
Vol 21, No 2: May 2016 Carbon Stock in Integrated Field Laboratory Faculty of Agriculture University of Lampung Abstract   PDF
Irwan Sukri Banuwa, Tika Mutiasari, Henrie Buchori, Muhajir Utomo
Vol 16, No 2: May 2011 Carbon Stock of Agroforestry Systems at Adjacent Buffer Zone of Lore Lindu National Park, Central Sulawesi Abstract   PDF
. Wardah, Bau Toknok, . Zulkhaidah
Vol 17, No 1: January 2012 Carbon Storage and Carbon Dioxide Emission as Influenced by Long-term Conservation Tillage and Nitrogen Fertilization in Corn-Soybean Rotation Abstract   PDF
Muhajir Utomo, Henrie Buchari, Irwan Sukri Banuwa, Lanang Koko Fernando, Rahmat Saleh
Vol 14, No 3: September 2009 Cellulolitic Activities Of Actinomycetes Isolated From Soil Rhizospere of Waigeo, Raja Ampat, West Papua Abstract   PDF
Arif Nurkanto
Vol 20, No 1: January 2015 Changes in Soil Available Phosphorus, Leaf Phosphorus Content and Yield of Sword Bean (Canavalia ensiformis (L.) DC.) by Application of SP-36 and Phosphate Rock on Acid Upland Soil of East Lampung Abstract   PDF
Achmad Arivin Rivaie
Vol 15, No 2: May 2010 Changes in Some Soil Chemical Properties of Ultisol Applied by Mulch from Empty Fruit Bunches in an Oil Palm Plantation Abstract   PDF
Dedik Budianta, Ali Yasmin Adam Wiralaga, Wahana Lestari
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